In Jeet Kune Do we teach a wide variety of hand-to-hand techniques from Martial Arts such as Boxing, Wing Chun, Kempo Karate and Muay Thai.

JKD Grappling

We teach grappling with a combination of techniques from Martial Arts such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Catch as Catch Can, Sambo and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Weapons Training

We teach the Filipino Martial Arts [FMA, Kali, Escrima] which includes stick, sword, knife and empty hand fighting amongst other ranges and weapons.


I have certainly benefitted from JKD! I started off too shy to say a word, even to admit I didn’t know the right way to make a fist. My confidence rose with my experience, and as everyone knows that spreads to all aspects of your life. JKD isn’t about feeling dangerous or tough, it’s about believing that you’re worth being heard and seen and knowing that no one can stop you from doing it.

Tim H.

I can honestly say that joining the Albany JKD* family was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Hour by hour, week by week I had begun to notice tremendous personal growth. This growth included not only strength and flexibility, but also in overall confidence level and the way I carried myself. Steve is a tremendous instructor who has respect for the art and respect for his students (which fosters that family atmosphere mentioned above). Albany JKD* gives personalized instruction, pushing each student past their potential physically and mentally while always maintaining the underlining respect for each other and martial arts. I recommend Albany JKD* to anyone who would like to unlock their potential. *Former name for AFMA

Tim H.

I made Steve Bugler a Sifu in the year 2005. I had know him for a great many years before I awarded him the title. He is only one of two people in 13 years of JKD instruction to earn it from me. You should all be proud to be his students. I am proud to be his teacher.

Sabumnim Chris LaCava

I first Met Sifu Stephen Bugler in 2004, at the New England Martial Arts Camp in Rhode Island and since that time I have known him to not only be a talented martial artist, who is always striving to be better, but also as a wonderful human being. There in lies what a true martial artist should be and Sifu Stephen lives it.

Sifu Collin Lieberman

Sifu Steve is an exceptional Martial Artist & teacher, not to mention an all around great person. I really recommend training here!